Tommy Edward Hill
Jones Valley High School, Class of 1958
(Attended grades 1-12)

Athletic Honors: All Star, All Tournament, All Opponent, All City, All County, All District, All State, All Western Division, All Southeastern Conference, Scholar Athlete Trophy Winner in High School and College

Athletic Highlights: State of Alabama Individual Track Champion; Leading Basketball Scorer City of Birmingham; Scored Twenty Six Touchdowns while gaining over Four Thousand All Purpose Yards in high school football career; Hit Home Run at Professional Baseball Park in State All Star Game

Holder of One All Time and Sixteen Season Baseball records at the University of Alabama

High School
13 Varsity Athletic Letters

Track: 2 Varsity Letters
State Champion,
‘880 Yard run”; 1956
Alabama Relay’s Champion; ‘880 yard Run”; 1956

Basketball: 3 Varsity Letters
All Tournament, All City, All District; 1957-58

Leading Scorer in City of Bham, (558 points) (“Amazing,”224 more points than 2nd place player) (24.3 point average per game);” Brownie Bomber”1957-58

Scored Eleven Hundred (1100) points in his varsity Basketball career at J.V.H S. and received a “KISS” from MISS JONES VALLEY for each point scored

Received a Full four year Basketball Scholarship offer from Mississippi State University

Football: 4 Varsity Letters

All County, All Opponent, All State; 1957

Over 4,000”all purpose yards” gained in J.V.H.S. career including the following significant all purpose yards for touchdowns in games J.V.H.S. won or tied

A) 65 yard punt return
b) 75 yard kick off return
c) 78 yard kick off return
d) 91 yard fumble recovery return ( the latter being accompanied with 126 rushing yards including a 25 yard run and a 40 yard touchdown run from line of scrimmage prompting a long time sports writer for the Birmingham Post Herald to write
“Hill’s performance is about the best I have ever seen in a high school game”

Scored Twenty Six (26) Touchdowns” in J.V.H.S. football career (At least twelve (12) of which were forty (40) yards or more.)
Publicized as having,” SPEED & POWER” and being …”UNSTOPPABLE”

Coach Herbert B. Hanes, former J.V.H.S. and Ensley H.S. Head football Coach, who coached , Four City of Birmingham & Jefferson County and One State of Alabama Championship football teams with one other undefeated team, who had Four High School All American Football Players, describes, Tommy E Hill , of Jones Valley High School as ,“the best high school football player I ever coached”.

Offered a full four year Football Scholarship to University of Alabama personally by, Coach Paul Bear Bryant (based on unverifiable hearsay information, allegedly first player offered a football scholarship to University of Alabama by Coach Bryant)

This initial contact event lead to Personal Coach Paul Bear Bryant Stories hereinafter set out in their entirety at the conclusion of this biographical summary prior to the index of documents and photos as "Tommy E Hill Personal Coach Paul Bear Bryant Stories"

Baseball: 4 Varsity letters

All Star Player

In addition to being a J.V.H.S. freshman Varsity baseball player to hit 455 for the season, in non school competition for 13-15 year olds, was on all star teams winning Two Alabama State Championships, One Southeastern Regional Championship and placing second Nationally

As a J.V.H.S. sophomore, hit a home run and a 350 foot “ground rule” double at professional baseball park (Rickwood Field) in East –West, State All Star Baseball Game ( Selected Three Times as "Alternate Best Player" 1956,57,58)

Pitched a “One Hit Game” where only one batter reached base (subsequently doubled off); striking out 14 of 21 batters faced, and: “Pitched a “NO Hit Game “. (1958)

Accepted full four year Baseball Scholarship to University of Alabama

“Having a full four year baseball scholarship to the University of Alabama is the closest thing to stealing you could ever do without being arrested”

General High School:

While playing with a broken hand in a cast in games Jones Valley Won!

Pitched an entire baseball game
Scored 27 points in a basketball game
Scored two touchdowns including reception of pass in End Zone

All County football team photo in local newspaper featured broken hand in cast

In newspaper article, opposing coach said; “A kid like Hill is bound to get hurt. When he plays a game, he plays it” Two broken hands and a bad knee seems about par for the course for Hill “Hill suffered his second broken hand in three years last week in the Brownies ’21-7 conquest of Hueytown. But before he was through, he’d scored twice and flipped a 43-yard scoring shot to Burnett.”… (And kicked 3 extra points)

In newspaper: ”You’d think sports filled the whole life of Tommy Hill of Jones Valley. Only a sophomore he has lettered in football,basketball and baseball. But Sports aren’t the only thing. Tommy is an A-B student and president of his class.”

JVHS Yearbook 1958: “These six seniors made straight A’s on their first six week's report cards : Nima Arthur, Tommy Saunders, Kay Mann,Jerry Stokes, Tommy Hill and John Sizemore.”

Fred Sington Scholar Athlete Award Recipient


University of Alabama 1958- 1962, 3 varsity baseball letters (freshman not eligible)

All Southeastern Conference Performer

Known for hitting prowess as evidenced by the following newspaper quotes but also lead 1960 team in fielding with a 993% average on 134 “put outs”. ... All Western Division

News Quotes: (1961) In series  Tommy Hill , right fielder, 579 average , 4 home runs, one triple, 3 doubles, 18 runs batted in”… “HOME RUN KING”

(1962)” the occasion might well have been designated Tommy Hill Day, all the slugging senior Tide outfielder did was belt two home runs and a single & drive in six runs in four official trips to the plate”

While playing in every inning of every game played for 1962 season and leading team among regular players in Walks, Most Times on Base, Runs, RBI’s, Home Runs and On Base Percentage (422%) ONLY STRUCK OUT TWO TIMES in one hundred twelve plate appearances

While playing in every inning of every game played for 1961 season and leading the team among regular players in, Hits, Runs, RBI’s, Total Bases, Home Runs, Slugging Percent of 696% and on base percentage of 500% with a batting average of 391,” DID NOT STRIKE OUT” in eighty seven plate appearances and while taking 21 semester course hours during baseball season and making all A’s & B’s.

The foregoing latter 1961 feat is believed to be:

Lead Alabama in win over Auburn, in a game as a prerequisite to receiving Master of Art’s degree from the University of Alabama by being individually flown to Auburn in University of Alabama s’ private airplane in order to return back to Tuscaloosa the same night to attend class to satisfy minimum attendance requirements necessary to receive course credit for Masters Degree with his return airplane flight being CONDITIONED by Athletic Director Coach Paul Bear Bryant on,” winning game from Auburn”, by hitting a double, triple and two singles.

Two time Winner of Athlete with highest scholastic grade point average trophy,
1960-61 & 1961- 62, (Jimmie Moore Memorial Trophy) (Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society)

Bachelor of Science Degree 1961 (Graduated in three years)

Graduate School:
Masters of Arts Degree 1962 (University of Alabama)

Post Graduate School:
Samford University Cumberland School of Law 1964-67
Coach, Samford University Baseball team, 1966
(For tuition to Cumberland School of Law)

Received Juris Doctor Degree (J D) 1967

Admitted to Practice Law in State of Alabama and Federal Courts of United States of America , 1967. . Argued appeal cases in both Alabama Supreme Court and United States Court of Appeals ( Fifth Circuit )

Member American Bar Association, Alabama Bar Association , Alabama Supreme Court Bar, United States District Court Northern Division of Alabama Bar, United States Court of Appeals Bar, United States Supreme Court Bar (having been admitted to practice before the United States supreme Court in June 2007)


Member of Advisory Council to the President of Major University

Member of Board of Directors of Educational and Charitable Foundation providing college scholarships to outstanding high school students and benefits to former athletes and their families in need (For more than 30 years)

Member of Board of Trustee’s of a 10,000 plus employee charitable hospital system (For Ten Years)

President of the Board of Education (Of a school system ranked in the Top Ten school systems in the United States, which has had the NUMBER ONE BASEBALL TEAM and NUMBER ONE MATH TEAM (16 times)in the United States)

Chairman of Trustee’s of a 6000 plus member church (for 15 years)

Chairman of the International Board of Trustee’s, of an International Education and Evangelical Organization head quartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Singapore. (In this capacity invited and appeared as a guest speaker at the University of Business and Commerce in Beijing China)


Principal, Brooker Junior High School, Brooker, Florida 1962-63

Hospital Administrator, University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, Al; 1963-64

Attorney at law, from 1967 . (President, Tommy E Hill Professional Association, GinAnn Real Estate & Energy Inc, H ET Investments Inc and other subsidiary and affiliated corporations)

In the foregoing capacities and/or in his capacity as general partner has participated in Ownership; of the development, and/or purchase, management and/or sale of over a Hundred Million Dollars of Real Properties consisting of apartments, office buildings and a shopping center and other investments, most notable the negotiation for his own personal account the possible” purchase “of a Major League Baseball Team, the “Cleveland Indians”.

Social Affiliations : Greystone Country Club, Green Valley Country Club, Inverness Country Club, Heatherwood Country Club, The Club


Married to his Jones Valley High School sweetheart, Joyce Lee Smith for more than 60 years (class of 1959, Miss Jones Valley 1956) (B.S degree. University of Alabama, 1962)

Most significant accomplishment is two happy and successful daughters, an attorney and a graphic designer and four beautiful and healthy granddaughters.

Tommy E Hill Personal Coach Paul Bear Bryant Stories

I In the fall of 1957 when I returned home from a basketball game against Tarrant where I scored 27 points while playing with a broken hand ; My dad said,” the Bear called you”. The only Bear I had ever heard of in 1957 was Yogi Bear and I did not know why Yogi would be calling me.

Coach Bryant offered me a full football scholarship to the University of Alabama but I had already been told I had a baseball scholarship to Alabama and I intended to attend Alabama on a baseball scholarship

A) Based on unverifiable hearsay information I have been told I was the first player offered a football scholarship to Alabama by Coach Bryant (I think the first source of this information was from Coach Sam Bailey)

II In fall of 1957 when I was being flown to an Alabama game in Mobile with five other recruits (the only one I remember was Jerry Schubert) the alumni man who was sponsoring my trip told me even if I were to only play baseball at Alabama ;
“You will benefit from just being in the presence of Coach Bryant”

III In the fall of 1958 while in my dorm room in Friedman Hall with my roommate, Stan Cook, our room door was slung open at about 11:15 P.M. By some of the coaches (I believe one was Jerry Claiborne) who said “Hill what are you doing and I replied “Reading my Bible”, to which the Coaches said get in bed and read your Bible before 11:00 P.M.
A funny thing; I never got another bed check in my career at Alabama.

A) On several occasions when I was in Coach Bryant's office to pick up my $28.00 per month check I saw a blackboard with all kinds of numbers and letters on it. I thought it was some new terminology for football plays. I did not know at the time but later I discovered this was a list of current New York Stock Exchange quotes.

IV In May of 1959, I wanted to get married but knew I had to have Coach Campbell the baseball coach and Coach Bryant’s as Athletic director permission to get married and keep my scholarship.

I had made my grades and had hit 500 on the freshman baseball team so I was confident and self assured when going in to see Coach Campbell to ask his permission to get married.

I knew that Coach Bryant as athletic director would ultimately have to give the approval but I did not expect him to be in Coach Campbell’s office when I arrived.

I was not scared or anything just because Coach Bryant was there!
Coach Bryant asks me the most difficult question I have ever been asked; “What is the name of the young Lady you are going to marry?”
I never could give the correct answer. I guess Joyce Lee Smith was just too difficult of a name

V The next year after the foregoing questioning took place I encountered Coach Bryant while walking on campus and he put his big arm around my shoulders and ask; “Tom, how are your grades going?” I thought surely he was going to ask; how is your wife, what’s her name?”

VI While playing in every inning of every game played for 1961 season, I lead the team among regular players in, Hits, Runs, RBI’s, Total Bases, Home Runs, Slugging Percent of 696% and on base percentage of 500% with a batting average of 391,”DID NOT STRIKE OUT” in eighty seven plate appearances while taking 21 semester course hours during baseball season and making all A’s & B’s.

At the end of the season after a game where I slid to catch a fly ball near fence; at baseball banquet after this game, Coach Bryant said he wanted to congratulate me (NOT FOR ANY OF THE FOREGOING) but for my ”Hustle.”

VII I graduated in three years; therefore, in 1962 I was in graduate school, where for each class you went to class one night for three hours instead of undergraduate school where you go one hour three times a week; therefore, during baseball season when you missed one day it was equilivant to missing a week of classes. The University had a policy which stated you had to attend two thirds of the class sessions in a subject or no matter how good your grade you could not receive credit for the course.

We were not in the same division with Auburn but played them two back to back games at the end of the season. We played them in Tuscaloosa on a Friday and I hit a home run to help win the game. We are scheduled to play them on the next Tuesday in Auburn but if I go to Auburn I can not get back for my class and would not graduate and receive my Masters Degree because of the Universities academic minimum attendance Rule.

Neither we nor Auburn were in contention for any kind of play off. The game was meaningless other than to beat Auburn.

I told Coach Campbell my dilemma. Coach Campbell came back later and said Coach Bryant was going to fly me to Auburn in the University of Alabama’s private airplane in order to get back for my Masters degree Class the night of the game.

When the Universities private plane with me, the two pilots, Coach Campbell and Coach Laslie aboard was over Montgomery on the way to Auburn; Coach Laslie said; “Hill, Coach Bryant said if we lose the game you are to ride back on the bus with the rest of the team". I hit a tripple, double and two singles and we won the game and I received my Masters Degree.

VIII In a meeting in 1985 in Cleveland, Ohio at The Cleveland Municipal Stadium where I was negotiating to purchase the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball Team for my personal account with Tommy E Hill, Art Clarkson (Owner of The Birmingham Barons) Gabe Paul (President and CEO of Cleveland Indians), Phil Seghi (General Manager Cleveland Indians) present, while telling “old war stories” the subject of Coach Bryant came up. Mr. Paul said he remembered an All Star game played on July 14, 1970 at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, home of the Cincinnati Reds of the National League when he was at the game with Coach Bryant and when the young woman sang the national anthem before the game tears came to Coach Bryant’s eyes. Gabe Paul said the tears were because young lady singing was Coach Bryant’s daughter.

In about 2004 at an Alabama A-Club Educational & Charitable Foundation Annual Board Meeting in Birmingham where Paul Bryant Jr. was present. When I told this story, Paul Jr said the above story was not true because his sister did not sing

IX Coach Paul Bear Bryant Hounds Tooth Hat (Another story)
In the fall of 2008 while at lunch with Dale Williams (High School Football teammate and friend) and Coach Herbert B Hanes Former Jones Valley and Ensley High School head football coach (Described in more detail herein above); Coach Hanes said,” Coach Bryant came to football practice at Jones Valley High School in fall of 1958 to recruit Billy Burgess (JVHS All State Football Player who played at Auburn) where Coach Hanes was wearing a “Hounds Tooth Hat” which Coach Bryant said, he liked and was going to get a hounds tooth hat like Coach Hanes’s .
(Coach Hanes died September 5, 2010 and was buried wearing his” Hounds Tooth Hat”)

Any of the following articles, photos or documents may be viewed by clicking theron

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13 Varsity Athletic letters

I Track

1 State Champion 880 yard run
Spikeman article with Jennings picture,

2 Alabama Relays Champion 880 yard run
Trophy & above article

II Basketball

3 All tournament Team photo
5 38 point game summary article
6 All City Photo
7 All District Article
8 Action Photo “lay up attempt”
9 Action Photo “Drew foul”
10 Action Photo “Jump Shot”
11 Prep Star of Week 1955 Basketball Certificate
13 Leading scorer in City of Bham
“By AMAZING 224 points” Photo

14 (a) 1958 Brownie Bomber Photo
15 1100 points scored in JVHS Varsity Basketball Career article
16 Kiss ; Personal Interview, Joyce Lee (Smith) Hill (PIO
17 Basketball Scholarship (PIH)

III Football

18 All Opponent Photo Article
19 All County Photo Article
20 (a) All State AAA 1957 Football Photo
(b) All State AAA 1957 Close up
21 4ooo yds (Cumulative) YDS TDS
22 65 yd Punt return TD, McADory, 1955 Article (1) 65
23 75 yd Kick off return TD Minor 1955 Article (1) 75
24 78 yd Kick off return TD Hewitt 1957 (3) 78, 48, 1
Article, with action Photo

25 Hewitt Prep star of week article
26 Prep Star of Week Certificate Football 1957 (Hewitt)
27 Fairfield. 1956, 91 yard Prep Star of week quote & article (2) 91,40
28 Prep Star of Week Certificate 1956 (Fairfield)
29 1956 Fairfield 25 yard article with action photo
30 1955 Ensley Action Photo
31 1955 Fairfield action photo
32 1955 Ensley action photo “Standing Around”
33 1955 Shades Valley Action Photo 6 yard gain
34 Fifty Two yard kick off return Tarrant 1955 Article
“Speed & Power “(Item 24)
“Unstoppable” (Item 69)
ALL 40 yard plus touchdowns not listed elsewhere Articles
35 Hewitt, 1956; (1) 50
37 Minor 1956 (1) 50
38 Minor 1956 (same game as above)
39 Hewitt 1955 (1) 40
40 Mc Adory 1957 (2) 52, 43
41 Other Touchdown Games NOT otherwise listed herein articles
42 Fairfield 1957 (1) 27
43 Oak Grove 1956 (1) 9
44 Hueytown 1956 (2) 11, 14
45 Minor 1957 (3) 9,_, _
46 Mortimer Jordan , 1954 ; “First Touchdown “ (1) 1
47 Mc Adory 1956 (1) 5
48 Hanes, Personal Letter
49 Bryant, Alabama Scholarship offer, (PIH) recollection of Bryant
Telephone call same night as 27 point broken hand Basketball game
First player offered Football scholarship to Alabama by Coach Bryant,
( PIH) (Best recollection,
origin of comment attributed to Coach Sam Bailey
freshman baseball coach at Alabama )

IV Baseball

50 Basketball Prep star of week 1956 , this is Article
Showing 455 baseball batting average as JVHS Freshman Varsity
baseball player in 1955

51 Babe Ruth, Photo with Mr. Chapman
52 World Series runner up Trophy Photo
53 Third Base Action Photo
54 Home Run East-West State All Star game ;
Picture of sliding into home, (SB)

56 Article with 350’ ground rule double reference
57 1956 All Star Team Article Photo
58 1958 All Star Team Article Photo
59 1958 All Star Team, Hill, Lawrence Photo
60 1957 All Star Team Article Photo
61 1 Hit Game; West End 1958. Photo Hill,Burnett
62 No Hit Game Ensley 1958 Article

62 b  Hill HS Woodlawn Pitching win
62 c  HS Hill  Sims No Hitters

V General High School

63 “Broken Hand”; Baseball, Ramsey 1955 PIH
66 Broken Hand article for 27 points in Basketball game (PIH)
(See Bryant note above)

67 Broken Hand 2 TD’s ,West End, 1957, Hand Photo (2) 13,__

68 34-6, 1957 West End Article 1957

69 When he plays a game,he ,Plays it”, UNSTOPPABLE,
All County of Week article 1957
Photo Hill,Hannah,Kines,Burnett

70 Hill stars in Upset, Hueytown, 1957 Article (3) 43,24,1

71 All County Football Team Broken Hand Photo 1957
72 (a) In news; A-B student and president of class
72 (b) Straight A's; 1958 JVHS yearbook

72 (c) Scholar athlete, Newspaper article with picture of
Margaret Cox & Walter Barnett

73 Scholar-Athlete, Trophy Photo

VI College Baseball

75 3 Varsity Letters in Baseball A- Club Certification
76 Freshman NOT eligible article
76A Alabama Freshman 1959 Lineup
76B Tide Freshman Top Livingston In Twin Bill
77 All South Eastern Conference Performer article & photo

78 993% fielding;;baseball; Baseball Media Guide 2007;the Alabama record book;Alabama Awards and Honors

79 All S.E.C. article & All Western Division article
80 Catcher action photo Auburn
80 (a) Ala Baseball 1960 Tulane K Chapman photo
80 (aa) Ala Baseball 1960 Hill picked off
80 (b) Ala Baseball 1960 M State Hill 2 hits
80 (c) (i) Ala Baseball 1960 Ole Miss Hill Catcher photo
80 (c) (ii) Ala Baseball 1960 Hill arguing with ump
80 (d) Ala Baseball 1960 Howard Hill 4 RBI
80 (e) Ala Baseball 1960 Howard Hill Picked off
80 (f) Ala Baseball 1960 M State Hill 1 hit
80 (g) Ala Baseball 1960 Gianni 409 Hill 209 5 doubles
80 (h) Ala Baseball 1960 LSU Hill 2 triples
81 News Quotes 1961 (Article
82 Home Run King, Photo Article. Hill, K Chapman & Cambell
83 Home Run Action Photo 1961
83A LSU 3 to 1 loss 1961 Hill 1 hit
83(aa) Hill Twice Leads Tide
83B Ala Baseball 1961 State Hill 2 hits Sammy Ellis
83C 1961 83 c VPI Hill 4 hr; Ala baseball Hill HR
83D 1961 VPI Hill 4 hr
83E 1960 LSU Doubleheader Win for Ala Hill 2 triples
84 News Quote 1962 (Article)
84C 1962 Hill Steals home Griffin win LSU
85 Corolla Home Run Action Photo 1962)
85B Cook triple Griffin single win LSU
86 Hits etc; (Guide) & 391 article
87 All A’s & B’s Uof A Edited transcript,” inapplicable sections deleted”
88 Kappa Delta Pi, Plaque
89 RBI’s etc; (Guide)
91 Sliding photos LSU

92 TWO Strike outs Season; (PIH) (NP) (can not find following 1962 described newspaper article)

The article on TWO STRKE OUT comparison to Joe Sewell, assistant baseball coach
Not striking out but three times in entire Major league season with Cleveland Indians)

Guide for leading team in Runs RBI; s & Home Runs

93 Home Run Action Photo
94 Athletic Director Condition (PIH)
(NOT confirmable otherwise)
95 Triple double etc Article, “Hill Hitting Puts Bama past Auburn”
96 Two time Winner (U of A College Baseball Edited transcript),

VII Degrees & Certificates

98 Degree BS
99 Masters of Arts (Degree)
100 Samford Baseball Coach (PIH)
101 Juris Doctor, JD (degree)
102 U.S. Court of Appeals (Fifth Circuit)
103 U.S District Court
104 Alabama Bar Assn (Member Card)
106 American Bar Association Plaque
107 Alabama License Plaque
108 Argued Appeal Cases; West law & Lexis
108a United States Supreme Court Certificate , 2007

Civic Service

109 Member of Advisory Council; (Dr. Tom Corts
Samford University (PIH)
110 Charitable Foundation (A Club ,Stationary)
111 Bryant - Jordan Program
112 Board of Trustees of Chartable Hospital
(Photos of plaques on hospital building walls )

113 Admitting Entrance,
114 Cancer Center Entrance,
115 First Floor of Building 860,


116 West Wing Addition 1982
117 Gordon L Ross M.D. Building 1982
118 Ambulatory Surgery and Laser Center 1987
119 Harold E Simon M.D. Building 1990
120 President of Board of Education
a) Hill named to board Article photo
b) Tommy Hill New Board Member Hard at work article
c) Board of Education Picture ,Hill Chairman
d) West Elementary School Plaque, Hill President of Board
e) Hill Appreciation Certificate
g) Samford University - Sherman Oak Club

121 Chairman of Trustees of 6000 member church
a) Copy of last page of executed Construction contract
b) Deacon Certification of Ordination

122 Chairman of International Board of Trustees (Plaque)
123 Picture with comment on photo
124 Beijing, China appearance ( PIO) Dr John Haggai

IX Professional

125 Principal Brooker Junior High School
a) Employment Contract
b) Florida Teachers certificate


125 (j)   Supreme Federal Court of Brazil Chief Justice, Dr. Joaquim Barbosa & Tommy E. & Joyce Hill 

125 (k) Supreme Federal Court of Brazil Chief Justice, Dr. Joaquim Barbosa & Tommy E. & Joyce Hill , Haroldo Silva & Family

127 (a) Attorney at law ( P.A. Stationary)
(b) United States Supreme Court Admission Brochure
(c) United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John G Roberts and
Tommy E Hill photo

(d) United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen G Breyer and
Tommy E Hill photo

(e) United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Anthony Alito Jr and
Tommy E Hill photo

(f) United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and
Tommy E Hill photo

(g) Tommy E & Joyce Hill in United States Supreme Court Building photo
(h) Tommy E & Joyce Hill at United States Supreme Court Building photo
(i) PAD Magazine back cover Tommy E Hill and Chief Justice United States Supreme Court John Roberts

128 First Alabama Bank Introduction Letter,

129 Southeastern Equities Partners Ltd Brochure Cover Page
130 Hill Office Building photo
131 Timberleaf , Roper Mountain & Long Beach Apartments photo
132 Geographical Chart
133 Investment Comparison
134 Dade Village Shopping Center & Frenchman’s Wharf Apartments photo
135 Creekside, Center West Villas, & Willow Wood Apartments photo
136 Vestavia Commerce Centre Office Building photo
137 Corporate Officer Photo
140 Midtown Medical Center Partners Ltd Biographical Sketch,
141 First Alabama Bank 17 Million Dollar Line of Credit letter
142 News Paper Article on Midtown Medical Center Bldg,

Major league Baseball Team Purchase; Cleveland Indians

144 (PIH)
145 Memorandum of Major league Baseball team purchase

X Personal

146 Miss Jones Valley 1956, Joyce Lee Smith, Photo /
147 Joyce Lee Hill, B.S. Degree
148 Attorney, Graphic designer; (PIH, PIO)
149 Joyce Hill graduation picture;
149 A; Joyce and Tommy Hill wedding picture;
149 B; Joyce and Tommy Hill wedding announcement
150 Red Mountain Museum Biographical Sketch and Photo of father, John Hill
150b Photo of father, John Hill

XI NNNN Athletic Articles (Miscellaneous other)

Basketball II

151 Leading Scorers City 1956-57, Photo
152 T Hill 27 pts Ensley tournament
153 T Hill 21 pts .D Hill 25, Hewitt
154 T,Hill 27 pts .D.Hill 20 pts
155 T Hill 29 pts,D Edge 22 pts 1955-6
156 T Hill.D Hill,D Edge 1956 Photo
157 D Hill, All City 1956-7
158 Hanes Big 6 Coach of Year 56-7 Photo
159 T Hill 24 pts Phillips 1956-7
160 D Edge 21 pts,D Hill 19,T Hill 18 1956-7
161 57-58 Team Photo
162 T Hill 28 pts Fairfield 1957-58
163 T Hill 27 pts Ensley 1957-58
164 T Hill 18 pts Mc Adory 1957-58
165 T Hill 32 pts Phillips 1957-58
166 T & D Hill 21 pts each Fairfield 1957-8
167 T Hill 28pts, D Hill 29 WE 1957-58
168 T Hill 31 pts SV 1957-58
169 T Hill,D Hill 21pts + Hewitt

169(a) Jones Valley Tommy E. Hill Tip Toe basketball picture 1956-57


Football III

170 Cheerleaders 1955
170 (a) Jones Valley HS 1955 Football Team Photo
171 Home Coming Queen & Court 1955
172 a) Fairfield 1955
b) Fairfield 1955
173 James Johnston, Melvin Belcher, EdPowell 1956,Photo
174 Treat Cowart Photo 1956
175 Banquet 1956, Turnipseed, Hannah,Photo
176 Majorettes 1957 Photo
177 Billy Burgess 1956 ,38 yd run Photo
178 R Holmes TD 1956
180 All County 1957 Photo
181 1957 Banquet Hill, Hannah Photo
182 Belcher Kines,Hannah,Messer 1957 Photo
183 Jimmy Hannah Lineman of Year 1957 Photo
184 1956 Pre Season Article Photo
185 Coaches All County 1957 Photo
186 Dale Williams , Billy Burgess 1956 Photo
187 1956 Pre Season Article Photo
188 T Hill J Hannah 1957 Photo
189 Sandy Burnett TD West End 1957 Photo
190 Billy Burgess Shades Valley 1956 Photo
191 1957 Cheerleaders Photo
192 JVHS Coaches 1956
193 Raiford Hilley at Vanderbilt
194 a) Mortimer Jordan 1954
b) Name of Game,1955,photo T Hill, Larry Turnipseed
195(a) All Stars Of Week 1957,Photo, T Hill, Jimmy Hannah
(b) Tarrant, 1957: Gary Wallace


196 a) JV Elementary school first grade boys 1946
b) RA Junior League Champion 1950
197  Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Sponsored Little League Team, 1953 photo, ages 10-12 (At age 10 hit home run over the fence in first organized little league game I ever played and hit five home runs over the fence in an all star game at age 12)
198 Joe Sims World Champs Little League 1953 Photo 

198(a) Bruce Gordon &Joe Sims 1953 Little League World Champion trophy photo

199 Walter Huffman,D Green,T Hill No Hit 1958
200 19’s Put City on Map 1957 Photo


200 a All American 19s hill  Sims Nichols hitting Johnstown
201 All American League (19’s) Application
201 a) Babe Ruthers’ ,Mayor Salmon Diner, 1954 Photo
b) 1954 Babe Ruth State Champions Photo
c) Babe Ruth World Series Team
d) Babe Ruth !954 State Champs Article
e) Babe Ruth 1955 Southeastern Regional Champs
f) Grand Slam Home Run. State Tournament .1956. Ball

202 JVHS Baseball Roster 1957 Photo
203 Joe Sims EW Most Valuable Player 1957 Photo

204 Sandy Burnett East West Most Valuable Player 1958 Photo

204 a) Earl Griffin Alabama Baseball Scholarship

204 b) Earl Griffin MVP Alabama HS all star game 1959

205 a) Hill, Sims ,Sammy Ellis 1958 Photo
b) Hill, Green, Burnett Photo

205 c   American Legion  Gordon Sims Hill

205 d  American Legion Hill 3 hits Sims 2

205 e  American Legion Joe Sims 17 strikes out MONTGOMERY AL

206 Hill, Sims, Bludworth 1958 Photo
207 All American League Certificate
208 1957 19’s Photo
209 Hill, Sims ,Gordon 1956 Photo
210 Bessemer League Champs Bruce Grady, Bobby Hunt, Hill photo
210 a) Birmingham Amateur Baseball Federation; Epps Jewelry Championship Team

210 b Stockolm BABF Hill 3 RBI

210 c Bess BABF Hill 3 hits Harris 4 hits Poole Pitch

211 Hill Two HR Game BABF League
212 Ben Chapman
213 Ben Chapman
214 Ben Chapman
215 Ben Chapman

215 a Bham defeats Portland Mickey Lolich Losing Pitcher

216 Hill MSU Hit 1960
217 Hill Two Doubles 1960
218 Hill HR 1960
219 Sims 16 Strike Outs 1960
220 Hill,K Chapman,G Moore 1960 Photo
221 Hill Two hits Miss So 1961
222 Hill RBI Double LSU 1962
223 Hill Two hit Ole Miss 1962
224 Hill hit LSU 1962
225 Hill HR Tulane 1962
226 Hill Two hit Tulane 1962
227 Hill Two hit MSU 1962
228 Hill hit Ole Miss
229 Hill 4 for 5 Ole Miss 1962
230 Hill HR Auburn 1962
231 Hill Only hit Ole Miss 1962
232 Hill Non Conference 379 avg,3 Homes Runs ,13 Rbi’s, 1962
233 Hill 333 average after LSU 1962
233A Alabama Baseball Tony Proctor basketball
234 Hill 500 average 1961
235 Hill 441 average 1961
236 Hill 579, average 1961
237 (a) 1960 Alabama Baseball Statistics
237 (b) 1961 Alabama Baseball Statistics
237 (c) 1962 Alabama Baseball Statistics
237 (d) Alabama Career Statistics
238 (a) 2008 Rolltide Article

239 Alabama Baseball Team 1961

240 Coach Campbell Article

241 Alabama Baseball Team 1962